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At Al-Nasr Knives, we are more than just a purveyor of fine Damascus steel knives and tools – we are a team of dedicated artisans, enthusiasts, and storytellers united by a common passion for craftsmanship.
Our journey began with a profound admiration for the artistry that goes into creating blades that transcend time and culture.

Crafting Legacy:
Our story is one of reverence for tradition and a commitment to preserving the legacy of Damascus steel. With a deep respect for the ancient techniques that have been passed down through generations, we embrace the challenge of marrying these traditions with modern innovation.
Our team consists of skilled blacksmiths, artists, and experts who bring their expertise and creativity to each piece.

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We're passionate about forging connections and fostering a shared appreciation for the artistry behind Damascus steel.

Forged in fire

Our Team

From designing to forging and managing everything, our expert team consists of hard working individuals. Let's connect to share ideas and carry the Damascus steel legacy together.

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Talha Bhutta

Founder - CEO

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Edward Pullen

Managing Director

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Raymond Mc-Intyre

Marketing Head

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Umer Cheema

Production Manager

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Ayub Ansari


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Gulfam Ansari


Worldwide Shipping

We offer door to door worldwide shipping via DHL. We also wrap the packages as gifts on special occasions - just ask!

Best Quality

Our every product is handmade and we ensure the quality always remains as expected.

Special Offers

For 10 and more items, we offer special discount. Just use promo code of NASRBLK10 while checkout.

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We use secure payment gateway. Your details are deleted automatically once the transaction is done.

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