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Shop our best handmade cleaver knives for sale, perfect for chopping meat, bones, vegetables, and slicing cheese. Find the perfect cleaver knife for your needs.

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Cleaver Knives

Welcome to our collection of chef Cleaver Knives, ideal for adding a professional touch to your cooking. These handmade cleavers are sharp and durable, perfect for chopping through large pieces of meat, bone, and cartilage, as well as vegetables, fruits, and cheese.

A cleaver knife is characterized by its large and heavy rectangular blade, which can range from 6 to 12 inches in length. The blade is usually made of high-carbon steel, stainless steel, or Damascus steel.

Some cleaver knives also have a blunt edge on the back of the blade, which can be used for crushing garlic, nuts, or spices.


Our Collection of Best Handmade Cleaver Knives

hand forged cleaver knives

Our wide range of hand forged cleaver knives is designed to meet the diverse needs of both professional chefs and home cooks. From the traditional to the contemporary, the antique to the modern, we offer cleavers that cater to all preferences and culinary demands.

Our catalog of chef cleavers presents nothing less than the legendary when it comes to toughness. The Damascus Cleaver, with its precise layering and sharpening, prides durability that withstands the test of tough tasks and time. We also have the Mini Cleaver that combines the benefits of size and precision, perfect for quick tasks.

With the Best Meat Cleaver for Cutting Bone, tasks like deboning become a breeze. Meanwhile, the strong and durable Promaja Knife Cleaver is a crowd-pleaser. Our EDC Cleaver is perfect for daily use, while our Camping Cleaver Knife convinces with its compactness. If you want to add a personal touch, our Custom Cleaver is tailor-made for you.

In addition, we have plenty of other options including Japanese Meat Cleaver, Serbian Cleaver, Hog Splitter Cleaver, and Vintage Meat Cleaver. The Cleaver Cutter, and Shun Meat Cleaver, ensure you have the right tool for the right job. For those who like to double down for a heartier grip, our Two-Handed Cleaver turns a chore into an experience.

Not to neglect the cheese lovers, our Cheese Cleaver offers perfect slices while Cleaver Knife Set cover all your knife-related needs. We also have specialized cleavers to cut steak precisely.

Love something classic? Our Antique Meat Cleaver is a blast from the past, bringing vintage charm to your kitchen. Alternatively, make your vegetable chopping effortless with our Chinese Vegetable Cleaver.

Best of all, our Cleaver Knife Set offers an all-in-one solution to your kitchen tasks. Whether it’s a Tactical Meat Cleaver or a Small Cleaver Knife for delicate cuts, we’ve tools for your needs.

Create bespoke cooking experiences with tools like our Large Meat Cleaver. And if you are seeking precision, our Asian Cleaver surely won’t disappoint.

Check our collection of Blank Knives to create your own custom handle.


Why to Choose Our Cleaver Knife?

Every cleaver in our collection is hand forged in fire, carefully crafted to perfection by looking at tiny details. These chef cleavers go under multiple inspections before packing. Our team of bladesmiths ensure that every aspect of the cleaver is top quality, from the sharpness and durability of cutting edge to comfort of the handle.


Versatile Range

We have a wide variety of cleaver knives to choose from, including different sizes, blade materials, and handle materials. Best of all, we offer competitive prices and bundle deals that include a cleaver knife with other kitchen essentials.

Our range is versatile, perfect for carving, cutting, and chopping. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a Big Cleaver, Camping Cleaver, or a Meat Cleaver Sheath, we’ve got something for every cooking style.


Professional Grade Performance

For professional chefs and butchers, our cleaver knives offer the professional-grade performance needed to excel in a demanding culinary environment. They are tools that you can rely on for consistent results.



We also offer custom cleaver knives, allowing you to personalize your blade to suit your unique preferences and needs. You can choose the materials, design, size, and features that matter most to you. You can also opt for personalization option, we do laser engraving on the blade and leather sheath to make personalized cleavers.



Cleaver knives need to withstand substantial force and heavy use. Our cleavers are strongly designed with durability in mind, ensuring they can handle the rigors of the kitchen, whether in a home or a restaurant kitchen.



We offer 100% money back guarantee on our handmade cleaver knives. We ensure that our clients receive items as they are shown in the images and described in the description. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can exchange or return it for a refund within 14 days of the delivery.



Are your cleaver knives too heavy to use?

No, we pay attention to the style and weight of the cleaver to make it comfortably useable for a longer period of time without getting tired. We asked different professional chefs to test our cleavers before finalizing the weight.


Do cleaver knives require special maintenance or sharpening?

Like any knife, cleavers benefit from regular maintenance. Keeping the blade sharp is essential, and you can maintain your cleaver with a honing rod, Whetstone, and regular sharpening. It’s also essential to clean and dry them promptly to prevent corrosion.


Do you have cleaver knives in different sizes?

Yes, our cleaver knives come in various sizes to suit different needs. You can find compact mini cleavers for smaller tasks, as well as larger models for heavy-duty cutting.


Do you make custom cleavers?

Yes, we gladly forge custom cleavers as per your needs. Email us your requirements, such as material, dimensions, weight, and sharpness level, or you can contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Are your cleaver knives suitable as gifts for cooking enthusiasts?

Absolutely! Our perfectly forged high-quality cleaver knife makes an excellent and unique gift for those passionate about cooking. It’s a thoughtful and practical present for various occasions, including wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, and Easter, etc.


Should I get carbon steel cleaver or a Damascus cleaver?

Whether you should buy a carbon steel cleaver or a Damascus cleaver depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Carbon steel cleavers are more affordable and easier to sharpen, but they require more maintenance to prevent rust.

Damascus cleavers are more expensive and difficult to sharpen, but they are more durable and have a beautiful appearance.

If you are looking for the sharpest and most durable cleaver possible, then a Damascus cleaver is a good choice. However, if you are on a budget or do not want to spend a lot of time maintaining your cleaver, then a carbon steel cleaver is a good option.

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