Bull Cutter Knives

Shop our custom handmade bull cutter knives. These calf and bull cutters are best for castrating animals, hunting, camping, cutting ropes, and skinning animals.

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Bull Cutter Knives

Bull cutter knives, also known as calf cutter knives or castrating knives, are an essential tool for cowboys, ranchers, hunters, and campers. These knives are not only used for castrating livestock, but also used for hunting, skinning, camping, self-defense, cutting rope and wire, and de-hiding animals.

Our bull cutters are handmade using high-quality carbon steel and Damascus steel. Some bull cutter knives also have a folding mechanism just like a pocket knife, which makes them easy to carry and store. We also design a few cowboy knives with a finger hole that enhances the grip.


Our Collection of Handmade Bull Cutter Knives

handmade bull cutter knives

Being a team of cowboys, we understand the uses and application of bull cutter knife, that’s why we forge bull cutter knives that suits your needs. Our handmade bull cutters are unique and best suited for multiple tasks.

At Al-Nasr Knives, our best-selling is the high carbon steel bull cutter knife, it is lightweight, extremely sharp and durable, plus it features a unique and beautiful bone handle. And the best part is, it’s small size makes it suitable to insert in your pocket.

We’ve also handmade bull cutter knives from farrier rasp steel blade. This knife set is sharp and perfect for any cutting task from slicing through vegetables and meat, to tackling hard butter.

In addition, our collection also caters for layered blades lovers. You can also shop Damascus bull cutter knife, a knife which is not only eye catching but also cut through toughest materials smoothly. Cowboys love to showcase their belongings, that’s why we custom make best bull cutter knives for them to meat their preferences.

Best of all, if you prefer to attach your own designed handle on a blade, we also offer bull cutter knife blanks made from premium quality materials to make your own knife. And, you can order a custom bull cutter knife as per your design and dimensions and we’ll make personalized bull cutter knife for you.

All of our bull cutter knives come with a cowhide leather sheath to protect the blade while not in use. Plus, these sheaths have a leather hoop which makes them easy for EDC or while going on hunting or camping.

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Why Choose Our Bull cutter knife?

There are several reasons why our bull cutter knives should be your top choice when it comes to purchasing cutting tools:


Made with the Finest Materials

We understand the importance of having a reliable tool by your side when tackling tough jobs. That’s why we craft every bull cutter knife with the utmost care and attention to detail, using premium carbon steel and Damascus steel for exceptional strength and edge retention. This means you can rely on your knife to effortlessly slice through tough materials like leather, rope, and even bones.


Innovative Design

Our bull cutter knives are thoughtfully designed with the needs of cowboys and ranchers in mind. Featuring a sleek and ergonomic shape, these knives offer a comfortable grip and precise control, making them ideal for various cutting tasks.

One standout feature of some of our bull cutters is the finger hole inside the blade. This innovative addition provides an added layer of security and control, giving you the confidence to tackle even the most challenging cuts.


A Knife for Every Job

Our collection is vast and you can find a knife for every job, such as for castrating livestock, working on a DIY project, or for your outdoor adventures. Our product range includes custom cowboy knives, calf cutter knives, nut cutter knives, and more.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Still confused about buying our bull cutter knife? Your satisfaction is backed by our return and refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can contact us at sale@alnasrknives.com within 7 days of delivery to simply return it for a refund or exchange.



Are your bull cutter knives suitable for beginners?

While our bull cutter knives are sharp and designed for experts, we offer options like the bull cutter folding knife that can be more user-friendly for those new to cattle handling.


Do you offer a sheath with the Bull Cutter Knives?

Yes, all of our bull cutter knives come with leather sheaths to help you keep your knife safe and secure.


Can I get a personalized bull cutter knife with my name or initials on it?

Absolutely! We offer customization option to forge personalized bull cutter knives. We can engrave text, digit or logo on the blade and leather sheath. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your tool.

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