Hunting Knives

Best hunting knives that will suit every hunter’s needs. Check out our collection of high quality, handmade hunting knives, custom forged for hunting & camping.

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Hunting Knives

Hunting knives are essential tools for hunters, campers, outdoorsmen, and survivalists. They can be used for various purposes, such as skinning, gutting, field dressing, slicing, chopping, bushcraft, stabbing, building a fire, and even self-defense.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter who’s looking to add a handmade hunting knife in his outdoor gear collection, or just starting out with hunting game, you can choose from our reliable hunting knives.


Our Collection of Handmade Hunting Knives

At Al-Nasr Knives, we carry a wide selection of hunting knives to cater for different task out in the wild. Some of the popular knives for hunting and camping include:

We also have a variety of hunting knife sheaths and cases available to protect your knife and keep it within reach.


Boost Your Hunting Game with the Best Hunting Knives

If you value handy craftsmanship, our handmade hunting knives bring a personal touch to your hunting gear. From the steel used to the designs etched on the blades, each handmade piece is unique and functional.

If you are after versatility, our hunting knife sets include different types of knives suitable for various tasks in the wilderness.

handmade hunting knives

We also cater to hunters who prefer convenient and compact tools. Our folding hunting knives are easy to carry, and their replaceable blades ensure you always have a sharp tool with you. But if you fancy classic and reliable blades, our fixed blade tracker knives for hunting and camping always deliver.

Customization doesn’t end there. Our engraved hunting knives give your tool a personal touch, and our hunting knife sheaths, including leather options, offer stylish protection for your knife.

We serve seasoned deer hunters as well as beginners with a selection of deer hunting knives designed specifically for this purpose. From gut hook knives for efficient field dressing to skinning knives for clean cuts, you will find a tool for each task.

With us, you are always in great company. We stock products that are best for hunting animals. Whether you are looking for luxury hunting knives, a hunting pocket knife for small tasks or a hunting bowie knife for bigger challenges, you’ll find it here in our knives collection for hunting.

Best of all, we have also designed a hunting Karambit knife for curve blade lovers that are easy to handle and fast to use while out in the woods, for hunting and surviving an accidental combat.

We also understand the importance of maintaining a sharp blade of any hunting knife. We offer accessories such as hunting knife sharpeners and knife blanks for those who prefer DIY care.

Want to use a dagger for hunting? Here’s our collection of premium Daggers.


Why Choose Our Hunting Knives?

At Al-Nasr Knives, we understand that your hunting experience is only as good as the tools you use. That’s why we are proud to offer an extensive selection of hunting knives that cater to every hunter’s needs and preferences.


Unmatched Quality

Our hunting knives are hand-crafted to perfection, combining traditional and innovative techniques. From fixed blade hunting knives (mini skinning knife, tracker knife, bull cutter knife) to folding options (pocket knives), each blade is carefully designed, guaranteeing durability and razor-sharp precision.


Versatile Selection

Whether you need a hunting knife set, a case for your prized hunting knife, or a sheath for safekeeping, we have everything for your needs. From deer hunting knives to hunting Bowie knives, we’ve tailored our selection to cater to different game and hunting styles. The best deer hunting knives  with their gut hooks ensure a clean and efficient field dressing.


Sharp and Ready to Use

Our hunting knives arrive razor-sharp and stay that way (you should follow the care instructions mentioned below), ensuring you are always prepared for the hunt.


Customizable and Engraved

Make your hunting knife truly yours with our custom engraved hunting knives. Our customization option is also convenient for those who want to present personalized hunting knife as a gift.


Features and Benefits of Our Hunting Knives

We cater for every material lover. Whether you love Damascus knives, D2 steel, or 420 J2 stainless steel knives, we have hunting knives of every kind.

Damascus steel hunting knives are durable, sharp, beautiful, and they are good with edge retention. These are made from forged layers of steel that create a distinctive pattern on the blade. D2 steel is also a solid and reliable material when it comes to manufacturing knives for outdoor use. 420 J2 steel is considered slightly lower quality side but they are budget friendly and good for camping and survival knives.

Our top-of-the-line hunting knife is a powerful, versatile, and iconic hunting bowie knife. A bowie knife is a large fixed blade knife with a curved point and a clipped edge. It is named after Jim Bowie, a famous American frontiersman who used it in several battles. This bowie knife can be used for chopping, slicing, stabbing, or throwing. It is also a symbol of courage and survival.

There are some other types of hunting knives we offer at our online store, such as deer hunting knife, fixed blade hunting knife, hunting skinning knife, hunting pocket knife, hunting razor knife, and more.


Hunting Knife Care

In order to keep your hunting blade always in good condition, here are some useful tips you should follow:

  • Sharpen the knife regularly. A sharp knife is a safe knife, use a honing steel or sharpening stone to keep the blade sharp.
  • Clean the knife after each use. Wash the knife with warm water and soap, and dry it thoroughly and make sure not to leave any moisture on it.
  • Oil the blade regularly, especially after every use. A thin coat of oil will help to protect the blade from rust and corrosion.



Do you accept custom orders of hunting knives?

Yes, we gladly welcome custom orders or your choice of hunting knives. Before placing an order, please note that we only work with Damascus steel, D2 stainless steel, and J2 stainless steel, handle material could be any type of wood, Micarta, Bone, Ram horn, Stag antler, resin, etc.


Can you engrave on the blade?

Yes, we can do laser engraving on the blade to forge a personalized hunting knife for yourself or your loved one.


How long will it take to receive my hunting knife?

All of these are hand forged hunting knives, so keep in mind that it will take up to 15 days to receive your knife (unless there are public holidays).


Do we have any return/exchange policy?

Yes, we accept returns and exchanges up till 14 days of delivery. Make sure the knife is still in its original condition as you received and not been used.


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