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Shop our handmade collection of Japanese Kiridashi knives, including custom, tactical, and DIY options. Boost self-defense and everyday tasks with the best Kiridashi knife for sale.

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Kiridashi Knife

A Kiridashi knife is a versatile and reliable knife that can handle various tasks. This traditional Japanese utility knife is used for woodworking, carving, crafting, gardening, camping, hunting, and even self-defense. It has a sharp point and a chisel-grind edge that allows for precise and smooth cuts.

Don’t be fooled by it’s size, a Kiridashi knife can outperform much larger knives in certain tasks. You can use a Kiridashi knife for making marks, trimming, sharpening pencils, cutting paper, leather, or fabric, whittling, peeling bamboo, and more. A Kiridashi knife can also be used as a DIY utility knife or for self-defense.


Our Collection of the Best Kiridashi Knives

handmade kiridashi knives

Welcome to our stellar collection of handmade Kiridashi knives, carefully crafted tools that blend timeless Japanese craftsmanship with modern design principles. Hailing from Japan, the best Kiridashi knife is steeped in history and tradition, prized for its compact design and sharp point.

At our store Al-Nasr Knives, we have multiple options to choose from, each with its own features and benefits. You can find the original and authentic Japanese Kiridashi knife, hand-forged by master bladesmith using Japanese techniques.

You can also find the modern variation of the Faceted Kiridashi knife, which has a faceted blade that gives it a more ergonomic and comfortable grip. Our most loved premium Damascus Kiridashi knife, known for its strength, hardness, and beauty. And not to mention, our Kiridashi pocket knife is a great EDC tool for DIY projects and self-defense.

We also offer customization options to forge the best Kiridashi knife especially designed for you. Custom Kiridashi knife tailored to your preferences, a reflection of your unique personality on your knife.

Best of all, our hand forged Kiridashi knives come with leather sheaths to protect the blade while not in use. Each of these sheaths has a very thin belt loop, making it more convenient to either insert it in your pocket or hang on the belt.

Here are our hand forged Throwing Knives for beginners and pros.


Why You Should Buy Our Kiridashi Knife?

Handmade Excellence

Our Kiridashi knives are handmade with great care and precision. These knives are carefully crafted, ensuring that every edge is sharp, every curve is elegant, and every facet is flawless. Each of our Kiridashi knives is embodies a level of artistry and dedication that is unmatched by mass-produced alternatives.



We offer the option of custom Kiridashi knives, allowing you to create a cutting tool tailored precisely to your requirements. This level of personalization ensures that your Kiridashi knife is not just functional but also a reflection of your individuality and preferences.


Superior Materials

We offer a range of materials, including Damascus steel, D2 steel, carbon steel, and 440 stainless steel. These materials not only enhance the knife’s performance but also add to its aesthetic appeal.


Versatility for Multiple Uses

The Kiridashi knife is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From intricate woodworking and detailed carving to everyday tasks like opening boxes or slicing fruits, the Kiridashi excels in precision cutting.

In addition to its practical uses, our Kiridashi knives are designed with tactical utility in mind. The ergonomic handle and precise blade make it an excellent choice for self-defense situations. Its discreet size and ease of carry ensure that you can confidently rely on it for personal safety.



Can I use a Kiridashi knife for self-defense or tactical purposes?

Yes, a Kiridashi knife can serve as a practical tool for self-defense. Its small size, sharp edge and easy grip makes it a reliable choice in tactical situations. It’s discreet and easy to carry, ensuring that it’s readily available when needed.


Can a Kiridashi knife be used for everyday tasks beyond woodworking?

Indeed, a Kiridashi knife is incredibly versatile. While it excels in woodworking, it’s also an excellent tool for various everyday tasks. From opening packages to preparing food, its precision and sharp edge make it indispensable in daily life.


Are there any warranties or guarantees for Kiridashi knives?

Yes, our handmade Kiridashi knives come with warranties against manufacturing defects. You can return the item for a refund or exchange within 7 days of the delivery. Kindly check our return and exchange policy for a detailed guide.

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