Viking Battle Axe – Handmade Axe for Throwing & Camping

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This hand-forged Erik Viking Battle Axe is a stunningly crafted weapon that is sure to turn heads. The etched carbon steel blade is razor-sharp and the rosewood handle is durable and comfortable to grip. This axe is perfect for chopping wood, camping, throwing, or any other outdoor activity. It also makes a great addition to any collection of Viking artifacts.

This axe is designed for chopping wood, camping, and other outdoor activities. It can also be used for self-defense. To use the axe, simply grip the handle firmly and swing the blade at the object you want to cut. Be sure to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris.

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Erik Viking Battle Axe for Throwing, Hunting, Camping, Wood Chopping



  • Blades Material: Etched Carbon Steel
  • Handles Material: Rose Wood with Leather Wrapping
  • Overall Length: 19” approx.
  • Blade Length: 5” approx.
  • Edge: Exceptionally sharp battle ready edge.
  • Sheath: Comes with a Cowhide Leather Sheath for both protection and style, ensuring the axe remains in top condition.


  • Hand forged from high-quality carbon steel for strength and durability.
  • Rosewood handle with leather wrapping for a comfortable grip.
  • Battle ready edge for chopping wood, splitting kindling, or self-defense.
  • Comes with a cowhide leather sheath for protection and storage.

Viking Axe Origins: Inspired by the mighty Viking warriors, this axe pays homage to their iconic battle axes, often referred to as Viking battle axes, Viking war axes, or Viking bearded axes.

Authentic Viking Design: The design of this axe is rooted in authenticity, reminiscent of the Viking axe heads used by Norse warriors centuries ago.

Functional and Reliable: Crafted using traditional techniques, this hand-forged Viking axe is not just for show; it’s a functional and battle-ready tool for various purposes.


Versatile Usage:

  • Battle-Ready Axe: With an exceptionally sharp edge, this axe is battle-ready and can be used for both historical reenactments and modern combat training.
  • Camping and Survival: Whether you are out camping or facing survival situations, this axe is a trustworthy companion, capable of chopping wood, building shelters, and more.
  • Throwing Axe: If you are into throwing axes, this Viking battle axe is perfectly balanced for precision throws and ensures hours of enjoyable target practice.
  • Cowhide Leather Sheath: This Viking axe comes with a cowhide leather sheath, offering protection and style. It ensures your axe remains in top condition whether it’s on display or in use.

Whether you are a Viking enthusiast, a collector of historical weaponry, or an adventurer in need of a reliable tool, this hand forged Erik Viking axe is a must-have. Its authentic design, exceptional craftsmanship, and versatile functionality make it the best choice for those who appreciate the rich heritage of the Vikings.


Care instructions:

To keep your axe in good condition, clean it after each use with a mild soap and water solution. Be sure to dry the axe thoroughly before storing it. You can also apply a coat of oil to the blade to prevent rust.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 6 × 4 in

We offer customization for personalized items at a minimal cost. Please contact us to discuss further.

Care Instructions

• Clean and completely dry the blade after every use.
• Coat the blade (whether it is Damascus or any other material) with Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, or any light oil to prevent the blade from rusting.
• Do not store the knife, axe, or sword in leather sheath for longer than a month. It will result in blade staining because of the absorbent nature of leather.
• It is recommended to wrap the blade in lamination sheet if you want to store in leather sheath.


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